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Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

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Map of Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Toll Plaza and Surrounding Areas

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Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Toll Schedule

Toll Type  Start Time  End Time  Price / Fee / Fare / Tariff 
The prices reflect the time when this page was initially loaded.
Sun Oct 23 00:00 PDT 2016 Mon Oct 24 00:00 PDT 2016 $5.00
Sun Oct 23 17:30 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 18:00 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 18:30 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 19:00 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 19:30 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 20:00 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 20:30 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 21:00 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 21:30 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 22:00 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 22:30 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00
Sun Oct 23 23:00 UTC 2016
  • Standard $5.00

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Supplemental Details

Toll Direction  Westbound
Toll Plaza Location  East End
Last Exit Before Toll Plaza  Western Drive; Point Molate (Exit 7B)
Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Traffic 
(Typical Rush Hour)
Between Minor and Severe
Toll Authority  Bay Area Toll Authority
Carpool Definition 
  • Any 2-axle vehicle, without a trailer, carrying three or more persons
  • Any single-occupancy inherently-low-emission vehicle (ILEV) with DMV-issued decals
  • Any 2-axle vehicle, without a trailer, designated by the manufacturer to be occupied by no more than two person, carrying two persons
  • Any motorcycle, including sidecar
  • San Rafael, California; Richmond, California
  • California Interstate 580 (I-580)
Crosses  San Francisco Bay
Length  8.8 km; 5.46 mi
Other Names 
  • Richmond Bridge
  • John F. McCarthy Memorial Bridge
Pedestrian Access  No
Bicycle Access  No
Rental Car Permitted in FasTrak  Conditionally (PlatePass)
Risk of Automobile Wreck Traffic  Medium
How Scenic  High


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